Gamified Listbuilding for Ecommerce

Turn every 10th visitor into a subscriber!
Listagram is a list building tool which increases conversions by turning newsletter signups into a game!

14,081,868 impressions resulted in 1,563,397 emails with an average conversion rate of 11%

Works on any platform!

Works on Magento Works on Shopify Works on BigCommerce Works on WooCommerce Works on Wordpress

Also works on virtually all other platforms, including custom sites. All you need is to add a single line of Javascript and you're done.

Increase conversions
Have more of your existing visitors provide you with their email address and increase sales.
Engage your visitors
Give your visitors a winning feeling, increasing their chance of buying from you.
One line install
Super simple to install. Add a single line of Javascript to your site and you're done.
Works on any platform
Can be used on all platforms, including eCommerce, blogging and everything else!

Integrates with your favorite email automation tool

Integrates with Mailchimp Integrates with Drip Integrates with Klaviyo Integrates with Aweber Integrates with ActiveCampaign

Synchronize your email subscribers automatically and setup automations to turn leads into customers.

Comes with many beautiful themes. New themes added regularly! Custom themes also supported.

Packed with features and fully customizable

  • When to show
    • Leave-intent technology for desktop and mobile
    • Show on fixed timeout
    • Enable for certain URLs only (eg; only campaign products)
    • Show when a link is clicked (like this)
  • Customization options
    • Several themes to choose from
    • Create your own completely custom theme
    • Set a fixed slice to win (eg; discount code or free product)
    • Translate or use your own texts

Optimized for phones, tablets and desktops

Proudly built in Norway

Listagram was built in a small city on the south west coast of Norway. Surrounded by fjords, seagulls and inconsistent weather this software as a service was created.

Haugesund is an old fishing town with a population of about 36,000. With over 225 days of rain in 2016 it is safe to say the weather is pretty horrendous over here. Still we fight through and survive, and even build products for you to enjoy!

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