Lets make email marketing fun again

Here at Listagram our main goal is to make email marketing fun for everyone!

As both eCommerce merchants and eCommerce consumers, we are so tired of seeing boring popups asking us to join someone’s newsletter.

We know you are too! Conversion rates for classic leave intent popups have been declining for years, and with good reason. They are not engaging and fun! We aim to change that.


  • April 2017
    A day in 2017 we were browsing the web randomly, and suddenly saw a leave intent popup showing a fortune wheel. Wow! This is awesome! But, overly confident as we are, we thought we could do it better.
  • May 2017
    So we started coding... We were even lucky enough to get some interest from one of Norway’s largest online retailers, as they were looking for something that would support their eCommerce platform. On reddit of all places! Fueled by that, we opened our beta and started receiving our first fortune wheel views in June of 2017.
  • August 2017
    After a month of testing on a high traffic site, our system had served half a million fortune wheels to shopping customers, and over 100,000 of them had provided their email. Wow! 20% conversion, and the customer reported increased revenue directly related to more engaged customers. We knew we were on to something...
  • November 2017
    So we spent a few more months improving the code, implementing new designs and adding a ton of features. We got a few more customers, and we started to charge for the service. It is definitely scary when you start asking people to cough up their hard earned cash to use on our platform. But they did!
  • January 2018
    To meet customer demand we added integration support for Drip, GetResponse and several other email automation platforms. Started using a CDN for improved performance and a lot more!
  • May 2018
    Fast forward to May 2018 and we added support for the much anticipated GDPR, as well as released our awesome stats dashboard which our customers love.
  • October 2018
    Autumn is upon us and it has started raining again in the west coast of Norway! We are growing and keeping up with customer demand. And finally we release our brand new design which you are reading now!


Jone Eide

Founder and developer

Alex King

Marketing manager

Stine Liselle Eide

Customer service


All of us behind Listagram has extensive experience in the eCommerce and marketing space.

We have managed several companies, from running our own eCommerce websites, selling software to the eCommerce industry, doing consultancy for the eCommerce industry and everything in between. Some companies ultimately have failed, while others have had great success. Listagram is our new baby.

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